Octopus. Automated Testing Control System

Our system to carry out your tasks

What kind of companies may benefit from Octopus by boosting the efficiency of their software quality assurance manifold?

The automated testing control system Octopus simplifies and accelerates the process of application testing and contributes to a significant improvement of the product quality. Octopus will induce drastic positive changes for businesses involved in the development or testing of desktop software and multi-component systems with a need to regularly release new builds.

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«Octopus was used in the automation project dealing with the development of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) control system. It required extremely complicated software to ensure the proper installation and operation of Fourier analyzers and their environment for multi-component emission analysis. The analyzer aims to carry out the automatic measurement of gas engine toxicity and ensure its compliance with the ecological standards Euro 3 and 4...
...Every build consisted of 11 configurations, each of which was to be developed into a complete application controlling the spectral analysis of a particular equipment set. If you multiply the number of builds by the above mentioned figure, the number of daily testing procedures mounts to three figures…»    Read more (pdf, 448 Kb)

Olga Baranenkova, Software Testing Engineer at Applied Systems

The software testing automation system Octopus is versatile and scalable. It means that our experts are ready to customize Octopus to be integrated with any software testing products used in your company — test automation frameworks, virtualization systems, build machines, versioning control or bug tracking systems.

The cost of a bug fix increases exponentially at each subsequent stage of development and implementation of a software product. Being an expert in the development of complex application systems and their components, which are composed of multiple integrated modules, services and agents, Applied Systems Ltd. gives strong emphasis to the quality and accuracy of software testing. With this in mind, the company’s management decided to invest in the in-house development of a system that would independently control automated testing. As a result, in 2009 the software quality assurance of Applied Systems was automated with the help of the in-house automation solution labeled Octopus. This automated testing control system caused the actual reduction of the number of bugs detected on the customer side by up to 90%.