Octopus. Automated Testing Control System

Reduction of time and workforce needed for software testing

Taking a professional approach to the implementation of automation allows cutting the time and budget of testing in middle- and long-term projects. QC specialists may switch over from routine operations, such as environment configuration, test launch, bug reporting, and report generation, to more challenging and complicated tasks like creating new test cases. Moreover, you solve the problem of time and resource shortage as Octopus ensures automated regression testing of every issued build. As a result, the improved software quality contributes to the company’s goodwill.

Reduction of time and workforce needed for software testing

The system Octopus is a unique solution in the market of automated software testing. Octopus automates the whole testing cycle, rather than particular steps, from test launch to report generation. The tester’s responsibility includes only two steps: loading tests in the system and configuring the system. Practice has shown that automated installation testing with the help of Octopus is ten times less time-consuming than manual testing. The installation testing shall include testing program setup carried out in different modes, on different platforms, with different sets of source data and smoke testing.

«Testing the setup modules of every issued solution build has always been considered a torture for testers and at the same time a perfect training that improves such vital QA engineer qualities as thoroughness and persistence.
First of all, setup module testing is very complicated involving from dozens to hundreds of test steps. Second, there are lots of setup modules. Third, the setup modules of every product build must be tested at least in eight systems: Windows XP with Service Packs 1, 2, 3, .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0. Taking into consideration the requirement to carry out testing in English and German you get a great deal of tests! Fourth, for eight systems you need at least eight VMs, which requires up to 50 GB of disc space. Besides, it is important to take care of snapshots to ensure that you have the proper environment.
To test the setup module of one (!) product build manually an experienced tester needs two and a half days, which is 20 working hours […]With the introduction of Octopus (although it was called differently at the time), everything changed as if by magic! It took Octopus 2 hours to test one build setup module!..»   Read more (pdf, 188Kb)

Sergey Moiseichyk, software test engineer at Applied Systems