Octopus. Automated Testing Control System

Octopus is a robotized software system that independently controls the automated software testing process. The automation enabled by Octopus contributes to a considerable boost in testing efficiency. The ROI grows exponentially with the duration and/or complexity of a development project

Octopus carries out the following operations:

I. Configures the testing environment

  • Copies configuration files to a VM/physical PC
  • Copies automated tests to a VM/physical PC
  • Copies the setup module to a VM/physical PC
  • Deploys the product on a VM/physical PC
  • Connects the network resource

II. Controls the execution of automated tests

  • Independently launches automated tests or groups of tests, time or event-triggered, according to their priority
  • Reports detected bugs to the bug tracking system (if assigned by the user)
  • Closes fixed bugs in the bug tracking system (if assigned by the user)
  • Performs parallel testing of multiple builds
  • Independently fulfills all tests: QC specialists are spared the routine

III. Generates reports on test results

  • Generates a unified report on all executed tests in the HTML format
  • Displays execution details of each separate test in the report
  • Uses a multi-stage logging system. The system log contains the most important events while the client application provides detailed log information.
«Our company released several builds on a daily basis. Of course, we did use automated tests for our software solutions, which initially gave us an advantage (quite substantial!) over manual testing.
However, such an approach could hardly be called «automated testing» (although they do call it that way). In any case we had to go through a huge amount of manual operations such as test launch, environment configuration, results handling, which makes me think of some kind of a semi-automatic testing hybrid…»    Read more (pdf, 219 Kb)

Sergey Pogudo, Head of software testing and QA department at Applied Systems

Octopus Configuration